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RMFS has openings in licensed and experienced treatment foster homes available for the following children and or young people:

Four openings total for boys. Three homes for males ages 5-9. One home for a male age 2-7.

Two openings total for girls. One home for a femail age 2-7. One home opening for a female age 4-8.

Must meet the admission criteria...

New Foster Parent Training Schedule - FEBRUARY

The next training session starts Monday, February 4th. Please call Alessandra Harris at (505)994-0364 ext 33, if you are interested in coming to a training session. These sessions are not open to the public and are by invitation only through the recruiting process. Thank you.

view schedule for FEBRUARY

Red Mountain Is Looking for Foster Parents

You can make a difference in the life of a child. We are currently looking for qualiity families and foster parents to join or foster care program. Please call  our treatment foster care recruiter at 505-993-0364 ext. 33 or see the flyer here for more information: HERE 

Current TFP Placements:

Boys - One home that will take 2 boys ages 5-11. No Sexualized boys as they will be sharing a room. One boy age 9 or under. No sexualized boys as he will be sharing a room.

Girls - One home that will consider a femail placement ages 5-10 with no sexualized behaviors.

Red Mountain Announces our New Clinical Director

Red Mountain Family Services, Inc is excited to announce the selection of our new clinical director, Jasper Wiggins. Jasper started his work with Red Mountain on Monday, December 3rd, 2018. He is an independent licensed social worker and has many years of experience working with children and young people. His most recent employment has been with the New Mexico Children Youth and Families Department. We are looking forward to working with Jasper. 

RMFS Says Thank you to Julie Demasseo

Red Mountain Family Services Inc. would like to thank Julie for her years of service as a committed foster parent. Here is a photo of her at a recent retirement party. We wish her luck in her future endeavors. 




Red Mountain - The Love of Being a Foster Parent

Red Mountain was recently featured in both the Rio Rancho Journal and the Observer. These articles discussed the love and compassion that foster parents both spread and recieve. These articles are great tributes to what being a foster parent is all about. To read BOTH full articles CLICK HERE.




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