Red Mountain Family Services, Inc. is a New Mexico licensed Child Placement agency and a licensed New Mexico Medicaid provider. These licensures require multiple annual audits. Red Mountain continues to pass each audit in ‘good standing’, the highest rating that is given. Red Mountain has policies, procedures and regulations that require each of our staff to follow all New Mexico Standards set forth by the licensing agencies in addition to the New Mexico Children’s Code. Red Mountain values each individual’s safety and follows all reporting requirements with regard to reporting child and adult abuse.


Red Mountain accepts New Mexico Medicaid (New Mexico’s Current Manage Care Company, Presbyterian, Lovelace and Molina Health Care Systems) and commercial insurance plans for all of these services.

To become a Treatment Foster Parent call: 505-362-6013

About Us

Red Mountain Family Services, Inc. is a Treatment Foster Placement Agency. Serving New Mexico’s Treatment Foster Children since November of 2004. We provide treatment foster care and outpatient therapy for children and their birth families and support to the Treatment Foster Parents. Red Mountain provides services consistent with Federal and New Mexico guidelines promoting safety, permanency, and treatment needs for the children and families we serve.

Our office, located in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, is handicap accessible. We serve families in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and the rest of New Mexico. We are a non-profit agency with a board of directors and highly qualified clinical and administrative staff that have a heart for youth and their families.

Red Mountain Family Services, Inc, is a New Mexico non profit corporation 501(c)(3).

Services & Programs

At Red Mountain, we concentrate on programs where we can make the biggest difference. By limiting ourselves to our areas of expertise we provide the best care to those we serve. We develop a customized treatment plan for each child. We believe that each child is unique and deserves to be treated as an individual.

Treatment Foster Care Program

Our Treatment Foster Care Program consists of a network of highly trained foster families who provide care to children that may have severe, complex, and persistent emotional disabilities, or they may be in crisis but could be safely stabilized in a therapeutic family setting. We come along side of the foster families to support the children in their care, because every child deserves a home where their needs are met.

  • Treatment foster care is in-home, family-based care.
  • All of our Treatment Foster Parents have been extensively evaluated and are required to complete a training curriculum prior to being approved to receiving a child into their home. They are supported throughout the entire time children are placed in their care
  • The role of Treatment Foster Parents is vital, they provide all the therapeutic care each child needs. Treatment Family parents are trained and supported to implement key elements of treatment in the context of family and community settings.

Biological Family Connections

Red Mountain supports and encourages positive birth family connections and positive cultural and ethnic identity. The birth families are encouraged to participate in treatment planning and decision making as valued members of the treatment team. We have an unwavering commitment to providing an experience that is culturally competent and respectfully embraces cultural diversity. Treatment foster care families actively support and enhance children’s relationships with their parents, siblings and other family members throughout the period of placement regardless of the permanency goal unless such efforts are expressly and legally prohibited.