• Create relationships that last a lifetime, by opening your home to a young person who is a good match for your family.
  • Receive a tax-free stipend that pays for the needs of the foster child and reimbursements for your efforts parenting a child.
  • Earn additional stipend after achieving Transformation Education (TranZed) Certification status.
  • Obtain life-enhancing, professional training, and child-specific training to carry out every aspect of your foster parent role.
  • Support for Foster Parents: When you become a treatment foster care parent with Red Mountain, you receive specialized support and assistance that will guide and enhance your foster parenting experience.
  • Weekly face-to-face contact with you and the young person in your home.
  • Activity planning support for family trips and outings.
  • Professionals on call for you 24 hours a day to support you when you need it.
  • Respite services.
  • Readily accessible outpatient mental health services.

To become a Treatment Foster Parent call: 505-362-6013

New Foster Parent Training

When you become a foster care parent with The Children’s Guild, you will embark on a threephase professional development and training experience that is both comprehensive and lifeenhancing. Parents first learn and master our educational philosophy, Transformation Education, then build skills for being a successful treatment foster parent. Finally, parents participate in a home audit to ensure their readiness for foster parenting.

Parents in the Treatment Foster Care program receive specialized pre-service training in Foster Parent Education which is our approach to teaching children the values and life skills necessary for a successful life; one of caring, contribution, and commitment. Our training helps parents provide a home environment that stresses life skills, character development, wellness, spirituality, education, career exploration, citizenship development, study skills, and cultural

Ongoing training for treatment parents includes trauma-informed interventions, crisis intervention skills, life skills development, and brain-based interventions, as well as discussions and groups for support.

For more information about Foster Parent Training please contact us.

Supporting Treatment Foster Families

Parenting any child can be both rewarding and difficult. There are unique challenges that foster parents face when caring for children and youth. The resources on this page offer support and guidance to foster parents, as well as a list of national organizations through which foster parents can find additional information and supports as they navigate the process.

National Organizations

Family Focused Treatment Association

Strengthens agencies that support families caring for vulnerable children in an effort to defineand refine treatment foster care practices.

Find a Parent Group

North American Council on Adoptable Children
Provides a list of parent support groups across the country for adoptive, foster, and kinship caregivers. To limit the search to just foster care support groups, select the “foster care” option under View All.

Knowledge Center: Local/National Groups and Support

Foster Care to Success
Provides a list of national, State, and local groups that provide resources and community for foster and kinship caregivers.

National Foster Parent Association

Supports foster parents in achieving safety, permanence, and well-being for the children and youth in their care

Resources Especially for Foster or Adoptive Families

Center for Parent Information and Resources (2018)
Provides information and resources for foster or adoptive parents on raising or caring for a child with disabilities, including how to address and understand the child’s disability, a list of organizations focused on adoption and foster parenting, and information on finding support groups.

Support Resources

6 Foster Care Skills You Need to Master Before Becoming a Foster Parent.

Highlights basic foster care skills, including assessing your family’s fitness for fostering, maintaining open communication, managing challenging behaviors, and coping with a sense of loss after a child’s reunification with his or her birth family.

Daily Strength Foster Care Support Group.

Daily Strength
Connects with other foster parents online. Answer questions and learn from what other foster parents are doing.

Support for Foster Parents

Describes the basic aspects of the fostering experience, including partnering with the child’s caseworker, meeting the child’s needs, preventing burnout, and learning resources.